When planning a corporate event, you want to create an air of professionalism, and yet retain a sense of fun to garner engagement and publicity. In this way, event planning is all about balance. You want your guests to feel relaxed, but engaged; at ease, but stimulated. By following these three tips you can ensure your next corporate event is both memorable and successful.


Planning a corporate event can be daunting, so here is three simple tips for planning your next corporate event. Make sure the experience is inspired, fun, and most importantly unforgettable! First off, you need to conceptualise your idea. Why are you holding this event? What are you looking to get out of this event? Who do you want to attend, and why? You need to ask these sorts of questions to build a solid foundation for your event. 


Studies have shown that many people retain information in different ways. Some people learn best by reading, some by watching, and some by listening. By far and away the most commonly effective method of learning and knowledge retention is doing – the simple act of performing a task once, twice, or a thousand times, iterating upon techniques until they become instinct.

The most efficient and productive businesses rely upon their employees’ intuitive understanding of their tasks, and there is no better way to ingrain skills than by encouraging the attendees of your event to engage with your material by asking them questions and fostering discussion between groups of people.

If your employees share their knowledge and train each other, your management will spend less time answering questions and more time creating new and innovative ideas and operations.


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It is crucial that your guests are entertained by your event. Everybody can become fatigued if they spend too much time absorbing information without a break to have some fun.

When you’re considering entertainment solutions, think about your guests and what they enjoy. A failsafe way to bring your party to life is to hire a photo booth. It’s a positive and easy way to bring all your guests together to network and engage with your brand.

With options to place your brand on the photo prints, your guests will be talking about the event long after it is over! Just check out our friends at Anytime Fitness and Allied Health, who personalised their prints so all their guests would have a way to remember the event.


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Social media has become an important business tool and an even bigger part of everyday life. Utilising the power of social media is a simple and useful way to promote your event before, during and after it has happened.

You can create buzz about the event by posting to social media beforehand and creating specific hashtags for your event so people can follow its progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By encouraging people to check-in on their social media platforms you can spread the events success. You can even encourage your attendees to share photos taken during the event and check in at the venue.


corporate event planning


Make sure your next corporate event isn’t a disaster by ensuring you make detailed plans and remember these three tips. Your event should engage and excite your attendees by beginning with solid and thoughtful visions for the event, fun activities, consistent branding, and reaching the widest possible audience by strategically utilising social media platforms.

By following these three tips you can ensure your attendees are engaged with and excited by your event, using social media and photo booths to create an especially positive and memorable experience for everyone involved.