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This article is, by far, the most challenging that this writer has ever been tasked to write—but it
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Funny wedding photos loosely fall into the following categories:

  • Candid (unplanned, unscripted, impeccably timed)
  • Staged (art directed somewhat and shot on the day)
  • Photoshopped (come on, let’s be honest and even if you weren’t you could tell)
  • Pets or Animals (whether they were meant to be there or not (which is more often than not)
  • Photobombs (may involve animals (on four legs or two)
  • Funny Faces (may be candid or staged)

The following five funniest (and the succeeding runners-up) fall into one or more of these
categories. They don’t include anything PG-rated or over, Russian wedding photos (which are
in a class all their own) nor bridal cars (except the tank—sorry, the writer couldn’t help herself
(as evidenced by the several runners-up).

No. 5: “Oh, please. They’re kissing again.”

Our fifth funniest wedding photo from WTF Facts features a member of the wedding entourage
who is less than impressed by the events of the day.

No. 4: “Here’s to the Bride—oops!”

One can’t help but cringe at this perfectly timed candid shot from FISHKI—even if that darkly
coloured beverage doesn’t manage to stain the bride’s white dress, it looks like it’s bound to
make a mark on her friend.

No. 3: “PAUL! Is that you?!”

Authenticity is a huge deal in this age of filters and Photoshop—the reaction of this bride going
down the aisle is as authentic as it gets. The story on The Daily Edge is that Avril Hunt, who
was getting married in Roscommon, Ireland, didn’t know her brother Paul was coming home
from Australia for her big day. She kind of just found out on the spot, as shown in the close up:

No. 2: “As the waves crashed round us on the shore…”

Our second funniest photo (also from FISHKI) is actually a gif, or a series of photos. We’re not
sure whether the photos or the gif came first, but they’ll definitely make you think twice about
having your picture taken on the beach no matter how romantic it may seem to you.

No. 1: “This is the happiest day of my life!”

In this writer’s opinion, this is, hands down, after trawling through bucketloads and shedfuls of
SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), the funniest wedding photo of all time. This beautifully
staged wedding portrait in black and white can be found on World’s Best Wedding Photos, and
possibly in the nightmares of anyone who can’t help staring at the bride’s lovely smile for too
long. And because there were bucketloads and shedfuls of SERPs, it was difficult to narrow the
selection down to five, or even to these relatively few, 15 runners up, below. But we all have
better things to do, don’t we?

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Of course, some of the best wedding photos don’t take place in the church, but in a photo
booth, just like this one also featured on eBaum’s WORLD. So if you’d like to take great photos
(that won’t necessarily make it to a list like this) for your big day, you can get a photo booth
here at Get Photo Boothed.

As long as people fall in love, there will always be weddings. And as long as the weddings
involve humans (who are prone to error and (hopefully) have a sense of humour) and
photographers who are quick on the draw, this list is bound to be superseded someday.
This writer looks forward to the happy wedding day that it does.