No two events are alike, so why should your photo booths be? Make our booths your own by utilising the variety of customisable options we offer here at Get Photo Boothed to personalise your experience. Each event has its own theme to represent you or your company. Do you want to customise your photobooth so that it fits in even better at your event?

Here is a list of customisable photo booth options provided by Get Photo Boothed so you can make our booths your own.


Depending on the tone and setting of your event, there are a multitude of hues available for you to adorn your photo booth with. While the typical photo booth is outfitted with a black curtain for optimum lighting, we are able to provide more vibrant and energetic colours such as red, white and gold!


Make Our Photobooths Your Own



Give life and light to your photos and create an eye-catching setpiece at your event by adding fairy lights to the backdrop of your booth!


Make our photo booths your own



While some events are wonderful in their own right, sometimes the memories of the event are even closer to your heart. Get Photo Boothed is happy to provide guestbooks at your event, so that when attendees get their photo snapped, our booths will print out another copy just for you.

This way, you can treasure them for years to come alongside the memories and messages from everybody at your event.


Make our photo booths your own 3



Because we offer a vast array of designs for our customers to select from, you can rest assured that we can provide strips appropriate to any occasion. If our selection of designs isn’t what you’re looking for, we can even create designs just for your event! We can take inspiration from your wedding invitations and theme, or if you can supply a digital file of the original design elements from your wedding coordinator or online supplier, we can incorporate them into the photo strip design.


Make Our Photo booths Your Own 3



At Get Photo Boothed, we understand that you need digital files so that you can back up your memories and share them with your friends. We can provide you with an instant USB backup of all the photos that your guests take with our photo booths, so that you don’t have to worry about scanning, printing or emailing any photos at all.