We recently sat down with the DJ team from Fruitbat Mobile Music for a quick chat. We absolutely love the fact that they use real CD’s! Read more about their local DJ service in this blog.

So Roy, tell us a little bit about what your business does:

Fruitbat Mobile Music prides itself on doing ALL styles of music and entertainment options, Your day, Your way!

Whether it’s Birthdays, Weddings, Parties or Corporate Functions, with music from the sixties to the noughties, we can tailor our DJ shows to your wishes. We can also tailor our Entertainment options to your requirements.

You can also hire our Touchscreen Jukebox with Karaoke function, with a wide variety of regularly updated songs, it includes delivery and lighting packages. You can even hire a Smoke Machine!

Awesome! And who are the people behind your company?

Roy Smith (DJ Fruitbat!), Owner and Director who has been a DJ and MC since 1988 both here in Queensland and in Western Australia, Established Fruitbat Mobile Music in 2009 and enjoys supporting local charities. Roy is considered a Wedding Specialist!

Kym Howse is the driving force behind our marketing and bookings, Kym is the proud owner and operator of our Photobooth business and a great DJ in her own right.

DJ Josh – Wedding Expert, Josh has not only been a DJ for the past 9 years, but has mastered a number of brass and acoustic instruments. Josh may be young but the knowledge he possesses in music is next to none, even to the point of having an almost photographic memory when it comes to songs and artists!

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And how did you guys get started in the industry?

I (Roy) started DJing in Western Australia, at skating rinks, then went to doing mobile work progressing to weddings. After moving Back to Queensland, I worked for a prominent Mobile DJ company doing Pub shows, weddings and other functions.

After a longish break fron the DJ game I decided I wanted to start my own company, and Fruitbat Mobile Music was born.

10 Years later, we have grown in strength, followers and staff. After my original business partner passed away from cancer at age 34, Kym came into the business doing marketing and assisting at shows and weddings.

What makes you guys different to other DJ choices out there?

We totally believe in the meaning of Your Day, Your Way!

We go the extra mile to make sure that whatever the event, it’s better than what they envisioned. Honesty and integrity are part of what we do. 100% plus that extra 1%

Roy’s own belief from the start of the business (that weddings shouldn’t be charged more than normal shows) has earned us a following from Brides and couples. We are also one of very few DJ companies that offer a face to face consultation with our couples to ensure that their vision and values are met and exceeded.

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That’s really cool. Tell us what’s the weirdest or funniest thing that has happened to you at an event!

Well, once a bridesmaid fell off a ‘stage’ that the Bridal table was set on, and the poor girl subsequently broke her ankle. It was the first wedding we’ve seen that was attended to by Qld Ambulance! And the show still went on. I also had a floor full of people sing thank you for the music (ABBA) at the end of a show as I was packing up, was hard to not feel so happy and thankful to them.

What’s your favourite thing about what your business does?

It’s that feeling when a couple comes up and thanks you so sincerely for making their night perfect, or better than expected. Or even a guest who comes up and thanks for your great song selection and a great night. Also such a great feeling knowing you made their event special.

What are your business aspirations? Where do you want to take the business in the future?

I’d like to help new DJ’s find their feet, give them a solid launch pad, backed by people who want them to succeed, and eventually have a stable of experienced, like minded DJ’s who just want to give their best for our customers.

I also want to be able to offer what we do to more people, great entertainment at a reasonable cost to the customer. In the end, I want to look back at a business that I can be proud of, and then hand it off to the next generation.

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That’s really cool. What has been your favourite event so far?

It’s so hard to pick one favourite! I’d say that we do love the school discos. WE have fun, we interact with the kids, we dance (well Kym does), we play games and we show them that their fun and enjoyment are as important to us as a wedding.

Have you worked with any celebrities?

As close to a celebrity I’ve worked with is Batman Sten. Scarily talented (and intimidating) cosplayer, Sten also does a lot for charity and kids. Also had many cameos from some of our politicians, men and ladies that I respect.

And what are your hobbies outside of work?

We (Roy and Kym) do Tenpin Bowling together. Roy has also been an Martial artist in 3 styles since 1981 and has coached AFL and Soccer at State level. Roy is also a paranormal investigator!

Kym is a very talented Netball player and coach, recently winning a Silver Medal in the over 30’s at the Pan Pacific Masters in 2018.

Lastly, what is YOUR favourite music?

Roy loves ALL styles, from Mozart to Metallica. Kym loves some of the old classics and old school RnB!

Thank you so much guys. Quick plug – where can we find you on social media?

For sure, thank you! We are on Facebook at