Here is an interview with Maggie Costello, a local wedding celebrant based in northern NSW.

We recently caught up with the beautiful Maggie Costello, who is a wedding celebrant based in Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.

Here is a quick interview with Maggie. After reading, make sure to follow here on Facebook or visit her website at 

Your Name: Maggie Costello

Your Business Name: Maggie Costello Celebrant

Tell us a little bit about what your business does: I create personalized wedding ceremonies or renewal of vows ceremonies for my clients and present them in a fun, humorous and professional manner. I have delivered ceremonies from being in theme, fancy dress ie: a black cat and face professionally painted to professional styled suits. I make it “Your day, Your way”.

Who are the people behind your business? I am the only one behind my business however I have a super supportive husband who goes out of his way to help me if needed!

How did you get started in the industry? In 2004 I completed my celebrant course, actually it goes back further than that, when I was approx 7 years old which is a long time ago, I saw my first wedding officiated by a celebrant and I loved what they did. It gave me the want to do something the same to be able to provide a service that goes above and beyond for my clients.

Is there anything that makes you different/unique/an amazing choice for your customers? I individualize each ceremony to my couples. I need and like to get to know them personally, as I need to make sure the ceremony reflects them as a couple.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you at a wedding? The bride and groom showed up drunk to a ceremony once! I had to tell them they needed to sober up before I could marry them. I came back after completing another couple of services on the day and they were finally sober eough for me to marry them. I don’t think the guests paid much attention to the wedding itself!

What is your favourite thing about being a marriage celebrant? Meeting and getting to know my clients, I love preparing the ceremony that they want, I get to play an important part of their happiest day however ultimately knowing that when I declare them to be husband and wife I have the licence to do that. It is not a power thing, it is the exciting ability to know its legally binding.

What are your business aspirations? Where do you want to take your business in the future? I want to continue satisfying clients with personalized ceremonies that reflect who they are.

What has been your favourite wedding so far? My son’s wedding! I had the privilege of being their celebrant and the mother of the groom on the day. I love a family wedding. However really all weddings are my favorite as I just love doing them.

Any celebrities you have worked with? Only in fancy dress!

Do wedding ceremonies ever not go to plan? And if so, how have you been able to respond and resolve any issues? Things can and always do not go to plan, however I always tell my bride and grooms just go with the flow as it makes the day anyway. From the flower girl not wanting to walk down the isle throwing petals and has a hissy fit to the groom arriving later than the bride. You take whatever in your stride to ensure it flows as smoothly on the day as you can.

What are your hobbies outside of being a celebrant? I love to socialize with my friends, reading, spending time with my husband, spending time in the garden.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Maggie. We are sure you will be marrying plenty of lucky couples in 2019!