Your wedding will create memories you want to last forever, so make sure you have a way of capturing those memories and looking at them for the years to come. This blog will detail six of the best ways to capture memories of your wedding day so that you have something to look back on and cherish this joyful day.

Your wedding is an unforgettable experience, where all your family and friends come together to share in your joy as you marry the one you love. Because it really is such an important day, you need to make sure you capture as much as possible so that you can relive the joyful memories over and over again. Here are six of the best ways to make certain you capture your wedding day memories and you can cherish them forever.


This is the classic one most couples opt for when capturing wedding memories. Just make sure that they not only get the classic portrait line ups of you and your bridal party, but also all of the smiles and reactions of the guests at the wedding, as well as the happy faces at the reception. Maybe it’s the picture of your friends eagerly anticipating your entrance or the look on your partner’s face as they finally behold you walking down that aisle, these candid moments and the raw emotion contained within will preserve the best memories for you long after your special day. There is an abundance of local photographers who work on photographing weddings, some specialising in the more candid photos which can become even more unique and sentimental to you, so shop around and make sure you chose a photographer who will take the type of photos you would like.



Going with the theme of candid photos, ensure your guests can get in on the fun and leave disposable or polaroid cameras on the table for guests to take pictures throughout the reception. This allows you to see your wedding from their perspective and capture all the moments of joy from your wedding you might have missed otherwise. You can develop the film, or gather up the excess polaroid photos after the wedding to see just how your friends and family enjoyed their time spent together and with you at the event. Click here to Shop Now.

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Whether it’s a beautiful traditional book filled with the signatures of all your guests, or a more personal binder full of their heartfelt messages, advice and well wishes for your marriage, this is a wonderful way to learn from the guests how much they enjoyed your wedding, and give you something to look back on and remember all of the people in your life coming together to celebrate your love. Here at Get Photo Boothed, we have a range of guest books available for you to purchase via the shop page! Click here to Shop Now.




For a unique guest book idea, hire a videographer to go around and film well wishes and thoughts from all of your beloved family and friends at the reception. It is something you can watch over and over to remember the day that they all came together for you and your partner’s love. You can also get them to capture important parts of your wedding, such as walking down the aisle, your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance at the reception and many more important memories for you to keep.



Along those lines, opt for other unique guest books, such as signing jigsaw pieces, or placing messages into beautiful wishing wells so that you can have your memories in a beautiful piece of art to admire, long after the wedding has ended. We have a range of fun and unique wishing wells of all styles and themes available for purchase via the shop page. Click here to Shop Now.



Photo booths are a great way for guests to get together and take some fun snaps. Make sure two shots are printed out so they can take one home to remember this wonderful time, and the other can be placed into a guest book where the guests can write you messages around the photos. It is a great mixture of mediums so that you can preserve not only your loved ones’ well wishes but also the smiles on their faces.


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With so many wonderful ways to capture your memories, youcan mix and match them depending on what you would like to take away from your wedding. To get started on your memory making, book a photo booth for your wedding from Get Photo Boothed by clicking on the Book Online Now button below!