Photo booths at corporate events can be fun, sure. They can add a little sunshine into a full day of conferences and speakers with slideshows, and give your team, as well as your guests a little something to remember you by. But can a photo booth actually increase the return on your investment into planning and executing this event? Whether it’s a product launch, store opening, fundraiser or a gala, having a photo booth at your event can be worth what you spent on engaging it in particular and your event as a whole.

Why a photo booth is good for an event’s ROI

1.  Extends the impact of your event after it’s finished. Attendees are likely to put their photo booth photos somewhere conspicuous for a good long while after the event, which will help them to remember it.

2.  Increase brand awareness and recall. Branding your photos, whether by simply adding in a logo or including it into the backdrop helps to make sure that attendees don’t just remember the event itself but the company behind it.

3.  Creates networking opportunities. Sharing the photo booth experience makes it easier for attendees who may not know each other very well to start conversations during and after the event.

4.  Encourage the creation of user-generated content (UGC). Attendees are highly likely to share photos taken at your event (after adding their personal touches to it), and it’s this user-generated content that’s much more likely to have an impact on a business’ target market. Ubersnap in Singapore says that 40% of its guests share their photo booth photos, adding that consumers are twice as likely to share UGC with their networks, and how 92% of consumers trust recommendations from colleagues rather than ads.

How you can measure the ROI from a photo booth

One of the easiest, surface-level metrics for finding out whether the photo booth was worth it is to see how many and how often people used it. But the acid test for ROI takes place outside of, or after the event itself.

Share the photos on social media, whether you share them yourself or the attendees do, and keep an eye on each platform’s analytics. This means checking out the Insights found in Facebook, for instance, or Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. You might also use the analytics found in social media management platforms like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

Using event-specific hashtags (and getting attendees to use them, too) can help you keep track of the impact of your photo booth. You’re going to want to watch how many people shared photos from your photo booth, as well as how much care they put into sharing them—what they put in the captions, whether they added any stickers and so on.

Another way to gauge the effectiveness of a photo booth is to take a look at how other companies in your vertical have used it at their own events. Examples of brands that have used photo booths include Scoot airlines, Toyota, Marvel Studios, Selecta Magnum, Nike, and H&M

How you can use a photo booth at your corporate event

Different photo booth types and packages give event organisers flexibility, but it will be creativity—your own, as well as the photo booth service provider’s—that ultimately makes the difference. Possible themes for your photo booth may include your company’s colours or branding guidelines or your own event theme.

Examples of other themes you may want to look into include

  • Black and white
  • The great outdoors
  • Movies or TV
  • Fantasy
  • Period piece or time machine
  • Futuristic or digital
  • Country or rustic
  • Musical genres

How to find a photo booth service provider for your event

  1. Define your event objectives and parameters
  2. Figure out how the photo booth contributes to these objectives and fits into these parameters
  3. Make a Request for Proposal containing a brief for the service provider
  4. Make a shortlist of service providers near your event location
  5. Send your request to the providers on your list
  6. Compare proposals and choose your provider

You’ll want to look at the provider’s portfolio or track record, as well as the technology or equipment they use. Consider whether they provide on-site assistance at the event, what their packages include, and the level of customisation you’ll have given your theme and your business’ branding.

You might also want to consider whether this photo booth provider has worked with any of your competitors or other companies in your industry.

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