Think photo booths are just for weddings and birthdays? Think again.

Fact is, photo booths are all the rage these days, or people wouldn’t keep coming up with newer, more fantastic ways (like our inflatable photo booth) to make them better. And for as long as people continue to get more creative with how they use photo booths, they’re going to keep finding more places that give them a chance to strike a pose and take photos.

So even if you aren’t getting married any time soon or the next birthday in your calendar is several months away, here are 10 other events where photo ops abound and make a professional photo booth perfectly indispensable.

1.  Engagement parties and bridal showers – There’s picture taking at the wedding and photo ops before the wedding. This is a super special time in your life and you won’t want to miss out on capturing a single moment of it leading right up to the special day itself.
2.  Christening parties – Most everyone will want a picture with the baby, and if carefully co-ordinated, having a photo booth at the party might prove a lot better than carrying baby around from table to table.
3.  Corporate events – We’re not just talking about conventions and ceremonies, but team building activities or company retreats, and especially corporate family days. (And when the event is over and that particular coworker starts driving you crazy again, the prints will remind you of how much fun the person can actually be to be around.)
4.  Product launches – Many businesses gauge the success of their events according to how memorable they were, with many of those events turning out to be product launches. Having a photo booth at your launch not only makes your event easier to remember but also gives it more mileage, especially when photos from them are shared after the event

5.  Store openings – Setting up a photo booth at your new store, bar, club or restaurant makes the opening itself that much more special, and produces prints that become mini-flyers or adverts for your business after the opening. If your store is in South East Queensland or Northern NSW, you’ll be able to Get Photo Boothed when your new store opens.

6.  Pet shows – Lots of people take selfies with their pets, and anybody proud enough of their pooch or puss to take them to a pet festival or party is bound to make a beeline for the photo booth at the event.
7.  School events – Fetes and formals are probably the most fun places for a photo booth—either way, students will be all dressed up and raring to take great photos full of precious teenage memories. Photo booths are just as great for events at uni, too.
8.  Sports events – Photo booths at a local match or tournament give fans another way to express their support for their favourite teams. On top of cricket or rugby, you might want to have a booth before a marathon, sportsfest or cheerleading competition.
9.  Music festivals and arts events – So maybe the odds of you being in the photo booth with your lead singer crush aren’t so good, but your fellow music fans won’t miss a fun photo op for sure before the music starts or in between acts. Photo booth prints can also be an art form in themselves at an arts & culture events such as performances, film screening, street art and other interactive exhibitions.
10.  Cosplay conventions – Cosplayers put a lot of work into their costumes and will appreciate the chance to capture their creations alongside fellow anime fans in a photo booth. The right backdrops can even place them directly in the anime or the game for the ultimate complement to their look.

Don’t miss an opportunity for the perfect photo booth setting—anywhere people gather to create great memories is a great place for a photo booth. Book a booth here to choose and customise the right package for your event, today.