On the 4th of May we attended the beautiful wedding reception of Chris and Chloe at Parkwood Village, for a night full of love, joy, and a whole lot of fun!

We were asked to attend the wedding reception of Chris and Chloe on the 4th of May at the Parkwood Village, centrally located on the Gold Coast. It was a night full of joy and laughter, family and friends, and a whole lot of love.



Our booth attendant Jizelle set up our enclosed booth, complete with pinstripe design walls and black privacy curtains, so that the guests would feel free to take fun photos without fear of being seen making the silly faces.



Jizelle made sure to stock the prop table and hat stand with an abundance of wigs, hats, glasses and other props so that the guests were spoiled for choice when it came to dressing up for their photos.



The guests flocked to the photo booth, eagerly anticipating the fun activity as they waited in line, and afterwards excitedly sharing the photos around and showing each other before lining up for another round.



We got a lot of use out of the chalkboard signs.



As well as the the # signs!



Some opted to take lovely shots without the props, while others really got into the fun and decked themselves out in as many props as they could fit on themselves.



Chloe and her bridesmaids took some lovely photos together, even breaking out the Charlies Angels pose.



The fairy lights really made the shots shine, and were the perfect addition the this classically romantic wedding.



Thank you to Chris and Chloe for choosing our photo booth service for their special occasion, we hope you enjoyed the photos you and your guests took through both your digital copies on the USB, and pasted into the photo album with heartfelt messages from your guests. May your lives together be as full of love, joy and fun as this special day was for you.

The photo booth used at this wedding was a standard enclosed booth. Click on the button below to find the perfect photo booth for your next event!