Find out what we have in store for 2018 – including new Photo Booths and features to keep your guests entertained and make your event stand out!

Well, 2017 came and went rather quickly! During the year we helped over 300 customers have amazing events – definitely our busiest year yet.

It certainly helped having 5 photo booths and 10 staff ready to go all year. Together, we covered weddings, engagement parties, birthdays of all ages, corporate events, Christmas parties, university events, and high school graduations!

So what do we have in store for 2018?

Well, a little of the same and a little more, too! Having had great success with our premium, fully enclosed photo booths over the last few years, we thought it was about time to branch out and invest in different photo booth styles to cater to our clients growing needs.

One of the hottest booth items in the USA recently has been inflatable photo booths. We have jumped on the bandwagon and now have an amazing, inflatable booth available!

inflatable photo booth

Whilst the inflatable booth is all white in standard form (perfect for a white wedding!) it actually features multi-colour LED lights that can be set to a standard colour, or change colours constantly. The inflatable booth is quite large but can be setup in most wedding and party venues. They can also fit into many house parties, but please make sure to let us know the size of your event room as the booths are quite high!

Inside the inflatable booth you will still find the industry-leading photo booth software, Social Booth, along with a Canon Digital SLR camera and top of the line DSP photo printers.

Open Photo Booths

Also new for 2018 is our Open Photo Booth. As opposed to the fully enclosed booths that are basically a small private room, these put your photo booth on show out in the open. With an open booth you can really get creative with your photo backdrops – dependant on your budget of course! For the budget conscious, you can simply use a feature wall at your event as a backdrop.

Coloured sequins backdrops are popular, and so are green screen studios. A green screen lets you ‘fly away’ and be in an exotic destination of your choice in every photo! It could be Hawaii, up in the mountains, in Rome, or perhaps a fantasy sci-fi backdrop.

Another backdrop option that we KNOW is going to be popular are the large flower walls.These beautiful walls are handmade locally and specifically for your event!

Imagine having this beautiful 2 metre high flower wall as the backdrop for your photo booth photos. We guarantee your friends won’t have seen this as a photo booth backdrop before, so it will help make your wedding different.

Large LED Love Letters

Coming soon we have a giant set of LED ‘Love’ letters for weddings.

These huge letters are 4 separate pieces each approximately 1.5 metres high, and featuring bright LED light bulbs. They provide a bright yet classy finish to your reception venue, and truly help to make the L word into a beautiful statement!

LED Love Letters will be available soon for weddings on the Gold Coast, northern NSW, and Brisbane.\

If you have any ideas that you would like to see in action this year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know! We are always open to feedback and ideas and would love to hear from you.

Cheers, Adam – Get Photo Boothed