On the 5th of June we were lucky to attend the Fundraiser Lunch for Sophie at Burleigh Town Tavern. We attended the Fundraiser Lunch for Sophie on the 5th of June, held at the Burleigh Town Tavern, located in the southern region of the Gold Coast.

Here her family and friends united to support her, and her battle with breast cancer. They even fundraised to bring to booth to her, each donating a gold coin to operate the booth! The booth was one of our standard pinstripe fully enclosed booths, and an array of props and wigs were set up for the guests, including some topic appropriate breast cancer ones.

Our booth attendant Jizelle was there to assist the guests in taking their photos and choosing props, and everyone really got into taking photos for this wonderful cause. Thank you Sophie for letting us be there for your event! It was amazing the show of support from your family and friends, and we hope you continue to do well in your fight!

Here is an array of shots from the Fundraiser Booth:

The photo booth at this event was the Standard Fully Enclosed Booth. To find the perfect booth to suit your event, click the button below!